EA pulls out of Steam in favor of own platform

EA really wants gamers to come to its newly launched digital download platform.

Rumor: Next Xbox coming E3 2012

We didn't see it materialize last week as some had hoped.

E3 was a wake-up call for the industry

We mull over a lack of excitement and announcements that didn't happen.

Sega says Wii U will come out first half of 2012

Sega may have accidentally revealed a more specific release window for the Wii U.

Duke Nukem Forever is finally officially seriously available

After 15 years, the game that seemed to become nothing more than a joke has finally been released.

Nintendo admits it flubbed Wii U E3 presentation

With a skeptical, confused reaction and unfavorable investor analysis, Nintendo is now saying it messed up in introducing the Wii U.

Early Playstation Vita demos a mixed bunch

We just ran through a quick tour of Playstation Vita titles, and found a range of awesome to clunky.

Three new PS One Classics come to Xperia Play

The Xperia Play, known colloquially as the Playstation Phone, is getting new games.

THQ: Wii U is not a uDraw killer

There's one peripheral that might get immediately overshadowed by the fervor of the Wii U.

Uncharted 3 thins the line between game and movie

When the PS3 was first announced in 2005, Sony promised to make games look and feel more like movies.

Nintendo hints at Pikmin on Wii U

Add another title to the slate of games coming to the Wii U - a high-definition version of Pikmin.

AR Drone brings augmented reality to Android

The cool contraption that grew its wings on the iPhone is now flying forward to new adventures.

Meet Sony's new experimental PS3 "game"

It's not often we can see someone play a game for 30 minutes and still have no idea what's happening.

Wii U is a whole new way to play: our impressions

We just got back from a whirlwind tour of the Wii U tech demos. Yes, we were pleasantly surprised.

Nintendo's new controller sparks intense intrigue

As promised, Nintendo used its pre-E3 press briefing to unveil the widely hyped Wii successor.

Sony gets booed at NGP AT&T announcement

Sony spent the first part of its pre-E3 press conference in damage control mode, but it was another announcement that caused the biggest crowd reaction.

After 25 years, Ubisoft reinvents classics

Platformer fans rejoice, because there's a brand new, high-definition Rayman game in the works. And that's just the beginning.

Kinect grows up with core games, new content

Microsoft has just wrapped up its big pre-E3 press conference and while Kinect was yet again the focus, this time it's actually cool.

Two Kinect games leaked ahead of E3 unveiling

At the last minute, someone has finally managed to pop the lid on Microsoft's E3 secrets.

New consoles, surprises, and damage control await at E3

Next week kicks off one of the biggest video game events in the world.