This YotaPhone is loaded with E Ink and LCD displays

Over the last several months, we've seen a number of smartphone prototypes with a low power E-Ink display on one side and a traditional LCD on the other.

This Android smartphone prototype has an E Ink display

There are quite a number of digital readers currently on the market equipped with E Ink displays.

Modder creates the KindleBerry Pi

The KindleBerry Pi isn't exactly the most portable or practicle computer on the market, but it's sufficiently geeky.

Is Amazon prepping a dual-screen Kindle tablet?

Recent patent filings indicate that Amazon may be eyeing the creation of a dual-screen tablet.

Dual-screen smartphones may boast E Ink display

Most smartphone users are painfully aware of  the battery power it takes to run a big and bright LCD screen.

E Ink and Epson develop 300 dpi e-reader display

Epson and E Ink have developed a new electronic paper with a resolution way higher than that of existing e-readers.

Hanvon to debut first color E Ink e-reader

The first color E Ink-powered e-reader is expected to make its debut at a Tokyo electronics show on Tuesday.

E Ink debuts next-gen eReader display

E Ink has debuted a next-gen display for eReaders that offers a 50% improved contrast ratio, along with crisper images and text for outdoor reading. 

Freescale lowers cost of eReaders with new SoC

Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled an advanced system-on-chip (SoC) that is expected to help significantly lower the cost of next-generation eReaders.