Buying online when you're boozed up is a bad idea

According to a new OnePoll study, nearly a quarter of British consumers have bought products online while under the influence of happy juice. Needless to say, they regret their purchases, like most other things we do while inebriated. 

Dems want to collect online sales tax

A bill recently proposed by Democrats in Congress would require online businesses to impose federal taxes on all online purchases.

Amazon rolls out local deals microsite

Watch out Groupon, move over Facebook Deals, mega retailer is now in line for a piece of the daily deals pie with the (quiet) launch of AmazonLocal.

Democratic Senator wants e-commerce Internet tax

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is currently prepping legislation that would implement a state sales tax for Internet e-commerce.

Facebook redefines shopping experience with social e-commerce

When it comes to Facebook's 500 million users, the question on everybody's mind is: how can we harness the power of these numbers into a money making platform?

Ebay sued for billions over e-commerce patents

Ebay has been slapped with a massive patent suit which could cost it at least $3.8 billion.