Apple blames Steve Jobs in book inquiry

Apple is trying to tell a US court that its former messiah, Steve Jobs, was lying when he bragged about bullying publishers into an epublishing deal.

Penguin settles price-fixing case

Penguin has agreed to settle with the Department of Justice over its alleged e-book price-fixing, ramping up the pressure on Apple to do the same.

Microsoft takes stake in Barnes & Noble's e-book business

Microsoft is making a $300 million investment in Barnes & Noble, creating a new subsidiary aimed at promoting the Nook.

Apple may get hit with e-book price fixing lawsuit today

The Department of Justice is expected to file an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple today, citing concerns of e-book price fixing.

Europe to investigate e-book pricing 'cartel'

The European Commission announced this morning that it intends to investigate possible price-fixing by e-book publishers and Apple.

Penguin pulls plug on library e-lending

Penguin says it's to stop supplying e-books to libraries, and will no longer allow them to lend any titles for Amazon's Kindle reader.

Apple accused of e-book price fixing

Apple, along with a number of book publishers, has been accused of illegally fixing prices, forcing Amazon to scrap discount programs.

E-book sales have overtaken print, says Amazon

Amazon says that, for the first time, it's now selling more Kindle books than print books.

Amazon to let Kindle users lend e-books

Amazon's moved to improve the competitiveness of its Kindle e-reader by allowing users to lend their books to friends.

Ebooks are slower to read than paper, survey shows

Reading an ebook is substantially slower than reading a standard paper version, according to a study.

British Library releases thousands of free e-books

The British Library is promising 65,000 free e-books this spring, which means you no longer have any excuse for your ignorance of the classics.