Hanebrink X5 is a $17,000 e-bike

Would you pay nearly $17,000 for a street legal electric bike that’s more like an electric motorcycle both in terms of speed and design?

Moto Undone e-bike concept a piece of art

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Voltitude e-bike rides big, folds small

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This PiCycle has WiFi Tracking Tech

Interested in electric bicycles, but hesitant to invest the necessary cash, seeing as how your last bike got lifted? 

Fear not, as the new PiCycle e-bike offers the option of integrated Wi-Fi-based technology - not only to remotely monitor the bike’s performance, but to track it if it’s stolen. 

"Rocket" bike hits the road to promote renewable energy

2,500 miles is a long way to travel via e-bike - even on a recumbent that looks like it might belong to Speed Racer.