Google Glasses offer Orwellian nightmare

While the geekier of us have been frothing at the mouth dreaming of ugly glasses that are sort of like smartphones, one group is dead against it: Stop The Cyborgs argues that technology trends are leading the world into a future where "privacy is impossible and central control total".

CW begins casting The Hundred

Nearly a century after a nuclear war devastated the Earth, prompting the surviving population to escape into a space station, the government is sending the first exploratory ship back to the planet to evaluate it for repopulation.

Destiny to take Bungie through their next phase

The storied developer has finally announced its post-Halo plans.

Post-apocalyptic Oblivion teaser makes an effective team

Universal Studios has posted a new video teasing its upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.

Captain Harlock trailer fights back

Toei Animation has released the first English language trailer for its upcoming space opera.

Video: Dystopian Noon shifts the poles

The poles have shifted due to human interference, creating a critical imbalance.

Elysium photos make a call

Sony Pictures has released a pair of photos showcasing Jodie Foster’s character in the sci-fi action film.

Mad Max: Fury Road raises a dust cloud

Mad Max is on its way back to us across the dusty roads of South Africa.

Video: Oblivion - we are not alone

Universal Studios has released the first TV clip for its upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.

Cyberpunk 2077 sticks to the original streets

Cyberpunk 2077 is an attempt to create an adventure game that pulls the player into the world of the Cyberpunk game-world, which began as a table-top role-playing game written by Mike Pondsmith.

Y: The Last Man film gains momentum

New Line’s graphic novel adaptation finds a director.

Cyberpunk 2077 teaser snags the psycho

Projekt RED is teasing a first look at its upcoming sci-fi adventure game.

SyFy's Defiance is coming

Release dates have finally been announced for the ambitious cross-media project.

Revolution trailer stops the flow

NBC has released a trailer for the second half of the first season of Revolution.

Industrial Revolution introduces Bioshock Infinite

The prologue game puzzles players through the history of Columbia.

Kosinski explains the Oblivion trailer

The director of the sci-fi thriller Oblivion explains each element of the full-length trailer.

Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials clip raps and stabs

Bethesda Softworks has posted a trailer for its upcoming DLC.

Video: The beginning of Revolution

NBC has released the pilot for its upcoming dystopian adventure serial by veteran genre filmmaker J.J. Abrams.

Video: Ridley Scott's Loom inhales the compound

RED Cameras has released a short speculative fiction film, written and directed by Luke Scott, on the Internet for free consumption.  

Dredd clip locks down the complex

Lionsgate has released a new clip for its upcoming dystopian police thriller.