Oblivion art book tells a dystopian story

Oblivion - imagined by Joseph Kosinski - hits theaters on April 26. The origins of the story can be found in a dystopian, unpublished graphic novel titled "Horizons." Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dystopian Electric City debuts on July 17th

"Electric City," created by and starring Tom Hanks, is set to make its global debut July 17th on Yahoo Screen.

Feds step up domestic drone surveillance

Congress has passed a controversial bill that will make it easier for law enforcement officials to fly unmanned drones over US airspace. 

Death Wish is back

Death Wish is probably a lost artifact of 70's pop culture today, but it was definitely a very controversial film when it first hit theaters.  

In Time is right on time to OWS

I've always liked the work of Andrew Niccol, who I've nicknamed the minimalist futurist.

The dystopian menace of electronic tattoos

Sometimes you go to bed happy and then you wake up pissed off because of some item in the news that shows we might soon become a technological authoritarian state.

On the road to Dystopia

Russian journalists Dmitriy Ryder and Svetlana Popova believe we are headed towards a dystopian future similar to the fictional worlds depicted in cyber-punk classics such as Blade Runner and Neuromancer. Do you?

Bladerunner chess set blends dystopian elegance with gothic cyberpunk

This tricked-out, Blade Runner-inspired chess set artfully blends dystopian elegance with gothic architecture.