Tivo Roamio goes too far on price and not far enough on innovation

We've orgasmatron'd ourselves into a stupor over Chromecast, but we still have four TiVo boxes lying around the house, one is out of use, and one is even a TiVo Premier HD, or some such crap.    

TiVo Mini launches for under $100

TiVo has rolled out an impressively small Mini set-top box.

DVR flaw allows hackers to access CCTV camera files

Researchers have apparently discovered a security flaw in the DVR systems used by several CCTV video camera manufacturers.

DVR boosts new genre show ratings

Oh the magic of TiVo, VoD and DVR. Remember the old days when if you wanted to watch a show? You had to make sure you were in front of a TV or you’d miss it.

Integrated Sling functionality hits Hopper Dish DVR

Of all the gadgets in my home, the device I would be least likely to give up is the DVR.

Revamped Boxee TV packs cloud-based DVR action

It's been nearly two years to the day since we first discussed the Boxee set-top box that launched way back in 2010 after a lot of hype and fanfare.

On the future of television

When I was a kid my father bought a fancy motorized TV antenna for our roof that could rotate by turning a dial on a box sitting on top of the TV set.

TiVo Stream plays DVR content on mobile devices

I can't imagine life without my DVR. I have a standard DVR from DirecTV in my living room, and often lust over TiVo DVRs like the new Premiere with four tuners that launched just a few weeks ago.

TiVo Premiere boasts 4 DVR tuners and 500 GB of storage

I've always thought one of the most important innovations in all of the modern tech world is the DVR.

New Tivo has a half-terabyte capacity

Tivo, the DVR company that refuses to die, is apparently unleashing another model.

DirecTiVo now available nationwide

Yep, Tivo is still around, folks.

Still alive on its death bed, Tivo adds Web content interface

Just like the fat kid at school who used to be skinny and popular, Tivo is trying to remind people that it's still cool, by launching a new Web content interface.

DirecTV confirms transmission "glitch"

DirecTV has blamed a transmission "glitch" - caused by an apparently buggy software update - for freezing a number of HD DVR units.

Microsoft preps Silverlight SoC demo for NAB 2010

Microsoft has announced that it is working with Intel and Broadcom to design a Silverlight platform for set-top boxes, connected TVs, Blu-ray Disc players and other devices.

SnapStream builds world's largest video recorder

It's hard to imagine who could possibly want to record 50 TV shows at a time, or store 13 years' worth of programming. But just in case there is anybody out there, SnapStream has decided to oblige.

New Tivo devices leaked

Two new Tivo models have shown up in Best Buy's inventory system, showing specs for one model that appear to indicate it will have a whopping one terabyte hard drive. The Premiere HD and Premiere XL HD Tivo set-tops will come out next month.