Terra Nova lives on as an interactive motion comic

Terra Nova will never get a second season, thanks a gigantic production budget, but the story can continue on in your imagination, with a little help.

Can Dark Shadows be resurrected on Blu-ray?

I have to admit I'm disappointed that the big screen version of Dark Shadows didn't do very well with the critics, or at the box office.

Avengers home video gets detailed

The Avengers will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD September 25, 2012.

Is John Carter ready for a second chance?

John Carter came out on DVD and Blu-ray on June 5, and while there's no word yet how it's doing, there are many out there who liked the movie and want to see it get a second chance. 

Hunger Games is coming to Blu-ray and DVD

We've see the fans of Twilight, or the Twi-hards as they're called, line up at the local Best Buy at midnight for the home video release of the teen vampire flicks.

Will John Carter finally find its audience?

Many had been predicting the failure of John Carter months before it happened, and in the post mortem of the film many blamed various marketing and regime problems at Disney.

How Game of Thrones stays in the game

All of us have probably had a show we've loved that was cancelled because the ratings simply weren't high enough.

Starship Troopers are ready for the Invasion

Sony Pictures has posted a teaser trailer for its CG-animated Starship Troopers: Invasion movie which is slated to be released on DVD this summer.

Warner Bros offers disc-to-digital conversions

Warner Bros really wants your movie collection to go from the bookshelf to the cloud.

Netflix highlights DVD-only plans

In an effort to backpeddle from its previous stance of going to a streaming-only format, Netflix is augmenting the way it offers DVD-only plans.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D

Like any self-respecting film buff, I of course have piles of DVDs, and loads of VHS tapes that take up much of my shelf and floor space.

Howard Stern rants over Super 8 leak

It's a given that the major studios are scared to death of piracy. Who can blame them? I mean, just look at what file sharing did to the music business.

Netflix raises DVD rental membership prices

As it continues to push its streaming video service, Netflix has just made it a lot more expensive if you want unlimited DVD rentals.

Wii U will not play DVD or BD movies

Although Nintendo's next console aims to push the envelope, it won't have what many gamers have come to consider a standard feature.

Zediva bypasses movie studios to offer cheap streamed movies

Streaming movie service Zediva says it can offer new release movies for as little as $1 a time, thanks to a loophole in the copyright laws.

Netflix touts streaming-only plan

W00t! Now we can finally ditch those scratched-up DVDs, because Netflix is rolling out an $8 streaming-only subscription plan.

Men spend nearly $1,000/year on consumer electronics

EVen though people are constantly whining about the rough economy, it seems they're still flush enough to buy more TVs, game consoles, and Blu-ray players than ever before.

Is that an Intel chip in your Sony TV?

Sony is planning to unveil a new lineup of home entertainment devices that will be powered by Intel processors and Google-coded software.

Sprint shifts into Overdrive with 4G mobile broadband

Sprint has confirmed plans to expand its 4G mobile broadband service to several major cities during 2010, including Boston, Denver, New York and San Francisco.