Zero Charisma is nerd-ily nerd-ing out on nerds

This movie could be a cliche ridden snooze fest where the best bits are in the trailer. Or, it could pick up the ball dropped by The Big Bang Theory and give us a reason to love nerd comedies again.

The Truth About Dungeons and Dragons

If you’re old enough, and I may indeed be old enough for this, you probably recall when Dungeons and Dragons became a hot geek activity way back in the early eighties. Now that I think about it, it seemed the beginning of the decade we were playing a lot of games, whether they be in the arcade, or Trivial Pursuit, the Rubix Cube puzzle, and more. 

Dungeons and Dragons movie in the works at Warner Brothers

Most of us who grew up in the 80's probably remember the Dungeons and Dragons phenomenon, and the complex books and rules that came with it.

Video: Zero Charisma analyzes the geek psyche

When I saw the title Zero Charisma on the 'Net, it definitely made me laugh. It’s a new film about geeks that at least one review says hits the nail on the head pretty hard.  

12-year-old D&D fan helps out dad with research

A twelve-year-old boy is cited as an author on a paper that used Dungeons & Dragons characters to demonstrate that human beings are hard-wired to focus on eyes.

True confessions: D&D or football?

I've never been a football fan. Yes, like so many other geeks, I've just never seen the point of a spectator sport. 

To me the whole concept of getting all worked up about some game that has nothing to do with your own life seems rather lacking.

D&D too dangerous for prisons

Playing Dungeons and Dragons is a threat to prison security, a court has ruled - because it encourages prisoners to cooperate.