More Details Emerge on the World of Warcraft Movie

Two years from now, the long awaited movie adaptation of World of Warcraft will finally be hitting theaters. We at TGD have very high hopes for it, because we would love to see a good video game movie one of these days, and this one definitely has a shot. 

World of Warcraft Movie Details Revealed

Okay, so Disney just threw down the gauntlet, booking Star Wars on December 18, 2015, the same day World of Warcraft is scheduled to come out. But this is over two years down the road here, and there’s plenty of time to set up a new release date where the long awaited WoW movie can really kick some ass. 

World of Warcraft Movie Has a Release Date

It looks like things are moving forward pretty quickly on the World of Warcraft movie, which will be directed by Duncan Jones (Source Code). We’ve also reported on TGDaily that Colin Farrell and Paula Patton are currently in the running for the lead roles in the WoW movie.