Game sales continue to slide in in June

In a month with little new on the market, total game sales in June were ten percent lower than last year, says market research firm NPD, at $995 million.

Duke Nukem series will continue

Even though Duke Nukem Forever is getting slammed with terrible reviews, the game's publisher says the series will continue.

Redner Group fired over Duke Nukem threats

There has been much anticipation and perhaps equally as much disappointment over the launch of Duke Nukem Forever. 

Petitioners want Duke Nukem banned from Walmart

The video game industry is certainly no stranger to controversy, with disputes between studios and their opponents typically focusing on (purported) excess violence, along with sexual and occult concerns.

Raunchy Duke Nukem gets the ESRB treatment

Duke Nukem has been flagged as "Mature" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) with an official description that reads more like a glowing endorsement than a warning label.

Duke Nukem Forever coming out in May

It took what seems like "forever" for the game to come out, but Duke Nukem Forever has finally been slated with a release window.

On aliens, strippers and Duke Nukem

A team of hard-core Duke Nukem fanbois recently invaded a strip club to film their hero in the er, flesh - just moments before a devastating alien attack.

HOLY CRAP! Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date window

It's a game that singlehandedly turned an entire series into a joke. It's become the most mystical title of all time. Duke Nukem Forever is real and will be coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360.