Omate Jelly Bean smartwatch powered by dual-core ARM SoC

The Omate TrueSmart smartwatch - which runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean - is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 SoC paired with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

Dual-core Sunnycube Android tablet has a $40 price tag

Once upon a time, a $200 price point was thought to be the sweet spot for tablets. But then Hewlett Packard raised the proverbial bar with its $99 WebOS tablet fire sale.

Infotmic dual-core chips tip up in tablets

Processors manufactured by Chinese chip designer Infotmic have tipped up in a number of tablets in recent weeks.

GV-17 is a set-top box with a dual-core SoC and front camera

The GV-17 Android TV Box is powered by an AllWinner A20 dual-core Cortex A7 paired with an ARM Mali-400MP2 GPU.

ARMBRIX Zero has a dual-core Cortex-A15 SoC under the hood

Samsung's Exynos 5 SoC is built around ARM's dual-core Cortex-A15 MPCore chip design, as well as ARM's quad-core Mali-T604 GPU.

$49 Kimdecent PC-on-a-stick gets a dual-core Nufront SoC

Kimdecent is offering a new variant of its popular PC-on-a-stick. The T21 is powered by a Nufront NS115 dual-core cortex A9 processor paired with a dual-core Mali-400 GPU.

Confusion reigns over Apple's iPhone 5 processor

A new report is claiming that Apple's recently unveiled iPhone 5 is actually powered by a custom ARMv7 core, rather than a design based on ARM's Cortex-A15 architecture.

This dual-core Android mini-PC has a $90 price point

The tech market is currently awash with a wide variety of uber-mini and inexpensive Android-powered PCs like the MK802, Cotton Candy, Raspberry Pi, Gooseberry and VIA’s APC.

28nm ARM Cortex-A9 SoC hits 2.5GHz

GlobalFoundries and ARM have taped out a dual-core Cortex-A9 (test) processor operating at frequencies of more than 2.5GHz.

For Qualcomm, dual-core SoCs are just the beginning

A "leaked" Qualcomm roadmap indicates the company is preparing to shift its mobile chip efforts into overdrive.

System76 ships dual-core Linux netbook

System76 is currently selling a dual-core Linux netbook for a sweet $385. The 10-inch mini-laptop is powered by a 1.5GHz Intel Atom chip and runs Ubuntu 10.04.

Nvidia's Tegra 2 to power next-gen LG smartphones

LG is preparing to launch a new line of smartphones that will be powered by Nvidia's screaming fast, dual-core Tegra 2 mobile processor.

Samsung launches dual-core Orion processor

Samsung has launched an advanced 1GHz ARM CORTEX A9 dual-core processor for next-gen mobile devices.

GloFo ramps up for ARM’s dual-core Cortex-A9 processor

GlobalFoundries has successfully taped-out a qualification vehicle based on ARM's Cortex-A9 dual-core processor.

Intel optimizes netbooks with dual-core Atom chip

Intel's latest dual-core, mobile Atom processor is hitting store shelves today in netbooks designed by a number of OEMs, including Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, MSI and Toshiba.

Nvidia showcases dual-core Tegra 2 tablet

Nvidia's sleek, dual-core Tegra 2 prototype tablet has taken center stage at Google's I/O conference.

Intel tablets to surface at Computex

No, Intel is not suffering from Apple iPad envy. Well, OK, maybe just a little. In any case, the company has confirmed plans to unveil "serious" Atom-based tablet designs at Computex in June.

Report: Intel preps dual-core Atom chips for June launch

Intel is reportedly poised to launch its next-generation of Atom-based processors.