Nintendo launching new DSi bundles on Black Friday

Get your game face on, because Black Friday is almost here. And to celebrate, Nintendo is bringing new hardware to the market the re-ignite sales of its increasingly sluggish-selling DS system.

Panasonic wants you to ditch your PSPgo and DSi

Panasonic wants the masses to ditch conventional handheld consoles like the PSPgo and DSi. The future - Panasonic believes - lies in a "device concept" specifically geared for online gaming.

Nintendo DSi, DSi XL dropping by $20 on Sept 12

Nintendo issued a press release that basically says, "Nobody should buy a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL for the next 13 days!" That's because on September 12, they'll be $20 cheaper.

Nintendo in 3DS anti-piracy lockdown

Nintendo is determined to prevent its 3DS handheld console from falling victim to rampant piracy.

Nintendo profits fall 18%

After 6 consecutive years of revenue growth, the company behind the Wii may finally be reaching the point of diminishing returns - it has just posted its first profit decline since 2004.

Skeptical Sony questions Nintendo 3DS announcement

A skeptical Sony spokesperson has questioned the logic of Nintendo's decision to market a 3D handheld device.