Cops on steroids becoming a big problem

A badge, a gun, and a steroid-filled syringe. 

Cyberthieves copy drug trafficking protocol with "money mules"

Imagine the horror of going to bed with a bank balance of over $500,000 and waking up with zero in your account.

Snowblind Ozzy really is a super mutant

Scientists have confirmed that the Prince of Darkness - aka Sir Ozzy Osbourne - is endowed with several enigmatic genetic mutations related to how his body processes drugs and alcohol.

Did you know that scientists say alcohol is as bad for you as hard drugs?

A new study scientific study has confirmed what true party animals have known for a long time. Alcohol is just as bad for you as the other traditional hard drugs.

Is alcohol tolerance all in the genes you wear?

Do you drunkenly pride yourself on how much alcohol you can consume without passing out while your friends lay drooling on the floor? Well, researchers have discovered that alcohol tolerance might have nothing to do with how manly you are and could be more closely related to genes in the human body.

Remote sensor detects any substance

A new remote wave sensing technology can see through clothing and packaging to detect explosives, biological agents and drugs from a distance of 20 meters.

AT&T-iPad hacker arrested on drug charges

The FBI has arrested a hacker belonging to the infamous Goatse Security Group after seizing an unknown quantity of cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and schedule 2/3 pharmaceuticals.