Box upgrades cloud upload speed

In an effort to better compete against its rivals, Box has upgraded the speed at which users can upload content to the cloud.

Box turns to Windows Phone

Second-fiddle cloud platform Box has launched a new app for Windows Phone.

Dropbox updates iPhone app

Leading online cloud service Dropbox has just updated its app for the iPhone and iPad.

Cloud service Dropbox adds video streaming

The cloud just keeps getting better and better.

Dropbox update hits in wake of Google Drive

Now that it has a huge competitor, Dropbox has just been updated to make itself stand out more.

Google Drive to give 5 GB to all: report

A few solid details about Google's cloud-based storage service are starting to emerge.

Report: Google working on a Dropbox killer

Of all the big trends in cyber space, there's one that Google has been notably left out of - cloud storage.

HTC moves Android storage to the cloud

HTC wants you to start saving your mobile files to the cloud instead of to your phone's hard drive.

SNB/SCB Weekly Wrap

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SmallCloudBuilder/SmallNetBuilder daily roundup

Our new daily feature brings you the latest news, reviews and happenings in the small networking and cloud computing worlds. Here are some of the latest stories and reviews from SmallCloudBuilder and SmallNetBuilder.

Dropbox redefines mobile cloud computing

Dropbox has redefined mobile cloud computing with the latest iteration of Anywhere which allows users to seamlessly access and update files across a number of popular handheld devices.