Facebook May Go Drone As Well

Recently the news hit that Amazon may be using drones in the future to deliver books and merchandise. Now it appears Facebook may have some drones in their future as well. 

Can Drones Do Santa's Job?

Okay, hope nobody really young is reading this right now, but we all know there’s no such thing as Santa Claus, although it’s always been a wonderful myth. And in today’s day and age, it fun to think of the logistics required to travel around the world and give all the kiddies their toys. 

Is it Legal to Fly Drones for Mapping in the United States?

There is no about it, drones (also referred to as UAVs and UAS) are a disruptive technology that will significantly impact geospatial professionals not only in the U.S., but around the world. While the mainstream media has mostly pushed the panic button with regards to privacy and drones, you don’t often read a discussion about using drones for mapping.

Rules promulgated for drone flying at Burning Man

A sign of the times, the Burning Man festival has its own unmanned aircraft rules out ahead of the FAA ;-) Even to the extent of creating registrations and privacy guidelines, who thought a process started in 2007 by the FAA and still not completed could be so ...

Florida to Test Drones for Mosquito Search and Destroy

Is there anything worse than mosquitoes? Yes. Lots of things. But mosquitoes are pretty bad. Besides being buzzy and itchy and annoying, they can transmit nasty diseases including malaria and West Nile virus, even in civilized (mostly) places like Florida. The issue with mosquitoes is that they're everywhere,

Printed drones to hunt down drug-running boats

Technophobia may have played a role in the conviction of Bradley Manning for handing information to WikiLeaks, says an internet law specialist. Adding quests to tag damage in a virtual recreation of a stricken city means online gamers could help in the aftermath of a disaster – without leaving ...

Who needs drones when you've got satellites?

The belief that the US government will be using drones to spy on its citizens might not have any basis, as its security forces move towards satellite spying instead.

Creep bugs woman with drone

In Capitol Hill Seattle's complaints blog, a woman has reported a stranger flying a drone near her house and refusing to leave. 

Flying robots could build these prefab towers

The concept of the flying robot has rarely had positive connotations. Usually the very mention of the words “flying robot” or “drone” leads to talk about government intrusion or terrifying, secret high-tech warfare. Rarely does it conjure images of benign uses (or even mechanical best friends).

DARPA to hide drones at the bottom of the ocean

DARPA is planning to build drones that would hibernate in deep-sea capsules for years before waking up when commanded and releasing their payloads into the sky.

Congress warned about dangers of hacked drones

US lawmakers yesterday heard that there needs to be more regulation and security surrounding the use of private drones.

Pirate Bay wants to take to the skies

The Pirate Bay has a new plan to stay afloat - a fleet of hard-to-track flying servers.

MIT calculates UAV 'speed limit'

Many birds can zip at high speed through a forest without crashing into trees. But, say MIT researchers, there's a top speed at which this is possible, and it's an important factor in designing drones.

The ShadowHawk drone - is it a killbot?

Unmanned aerial drones are becoming a way of life in our American dystopia. We will be seeing ShadowHawk drones in the skies soon enough, and I can’t stop thinking that they resemble killbots.

U.S. Navy gets serious about unmanned sea drones

The Navy is stepping up its development of unmanned vehicles designed to patrol the high seas.

Police use of drones in U.S. likely to start privacy debate

Law enforcement in the United States has been quietly using aerial drones in a domestic capacity. The Texas Department of Public Safety has deployed them more than any other local or state agency.

Intellectual property suit could clip wings of CIA drones

It seems that no one is immune to patent law. And as a recent intellectual property (IP) suit alleges, the CIA’s unmanned drones that operate all over the world could very well be acting in violation of US legislation.

US drones help Brits fight Taliban in Afghanistan

Unmanned American drones are helping British soldiers deployed in Afghanistan to step up their fight against the Taliban.