Would you use a battery with DRM restrictions?

Moves by Renault to install a battery with digital rights management (DRM) restrictions that can remotely prevent the battery from charging have been slammed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

EA appointed by Disney for Star Wars deal

While many hoped that once George Lucas got his paws off the Star Wars franchise things would get better, it appears that the new owners -  Disney - might be headed for similar daft decisions.

Sim City creates a terrible smelly mess

EA Games really can't get its act together over the latest version of Sim City.

Ubisoft cracked wide open

Russian hackers have worked out a way that they can gain free access to Ubisoft's online game offerings.

EFFing heck warns against DRM in HTML

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting a new move by Big Content to install DRM into the HTML 5 web standard.

Google man reveals all about DRM

DRM software is nothing to do with protecting software companies from piracy, a Google engineer has claimed.

EA man decides to spend more time with his family

EA's DRM has finished off the somewhat chequred career of Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello. Riccitiello's obsession with DRM appears to have killed off the launch of the flagship SimCity game which was supposed to make a huge killing for the outfit.

EA offers free game to grumpy SimCity players

Electronic Arts says it's close to fixing the problems that made the launch of SimCity such a disaster last week, and is offering a free PC game to anyone affected.

Video: SimCity Deluxe Edition offers more for a price

If you want all of SimCity, it’ll cost an extra $20.

Ubisoft abandons always-on DRM for PC games

I've never met a gamer who doesn't loathe always-on DRM copyright protection imposed by certain companies.

DRM bot shuts down sci-fi awards broadcast

An awards ceremony streamed over the weekend by Ustream abruptly went black because a digital rights management tool used by the company reckoned copyright was being infringed and automatically shut it down.

UbiSoft patches DRM loophole vulnerability

UbiSoft has rolled out a patch for its uPlay DRM which reportedly left PCs vulnerable and open to attack from malicious code planted by nefarious websites.

Sci-fi publisher Tor Books says it's scrapping DRM

Tom Doherty Associates - best known for its Tor science fiction imprint - has announced plans to scrap digital rights management (DRM) in the US and UK.

Tor and Forge sci-fi e-books ditch DRM

Most of us can probably agree that no matter what you are buying, DRM is little more than an annoyance.

Game studios ditching PCs, blame "piracy"

There was a time when PC gaming was all the rage, with plenty of fanbois more than happy to throw down a cool $3,000+ for a hot new rig to play the latest and greatest FPS.

Apple lobbying for 'unlimited' iTunes downloads

Apple is reportedly looking into the feasibility of letting users download a song from iTunes as many times as they want after they pay for it, a move that quite honestly should have been around for quite some time now.

ReQuest CEO concerned about legality of DVD copying? "Nope, should I be?"

The studios and the organizations that represent them don't care much for products that rip DVDs.

Hackers crack and slash Ubisoft's DRM

Ubisoft's controversial digital rights management platform has reportedly been hacked, cracked and slashed by a consortium known as Skid Row.