Yes, Google Glass will help drivers navigate

Even with talking GPS like TomTom and Google Navigation, people still get lost. We second guess it, become so absorbed in a conversation that we ignore it, or are simply bad judges of whether “150 yards” means the next left, or the next next left.

West Coast drivers accelerate Leaf EV adoption

Those shrinking sticker prices on the Nissan Leaf appear to be having the intended effect – on the West Coast, especially.

Federal draft bill would tax drivers by the mile

The Obama administration is reportedly eyeing a transportation bill that would require the "study and implementation" of a plan to tax automobile owners based on how many miles they drive.

New Nvidia drivers fix fan speed issues

Nvidia has posted new drivers (197.13) in response to customer reports of fan speed issues with the previous 196.75 iteration. 

Adobe updates Flash 10.1 beta with GMA 500 support

Adobe has updated its Flash 10.1 beta with support for Intel GMA 500 graphics and Broadcom Crystal HD chips.