Are Sequels to RoboCop and Dredd in the Works?

The new edition of RoboCop hasn’t exactly taken off with audiences or the critics, but there may be some current speculation, or wishful thinking on somebody’s part, God knows who, that there could be a sequel. Allow us to explain…

Dredd Gets a Comic Sequel With Underbelly

With the movie Dredd, Judge Dredd finally got a worthy movie, and fans have been hoping for a sequel, even though it wasn’t a big hit at the box office. If we don’t get a movie sequel, there’s a new Dredd comic called Underbelly that is a direct follow up to the movie.

Help Make Pacific Rim a Hit on BluRay and VOD

Many fans loved Pacific Rim, but it still has a long way to go in terms of making its money back. Now you can help fix that problem, and potentially help get a sequel off the ground, by supporting Pacific Rim now that it’s available on DVD, BluRay, and VOD.

Karl Urban on a Possible Dredd Sequel

As you’ve read on TGD, the big screen adaption of Judge Dredd, simply titled Dredd, has been growing a nice cult following since it came out last year.

Who Wants a Sequel to Dredd?

So the reboot of Judge Dredd, simply titled Dredd, didn’t do that great at the box office last year. It certainly went over well with fans, it didn’t wuss out on the violence for a softer rating, and there’s probably enough geek good will and world-wide box office to warrant a sequel. In fact, the geeks are trying to get a sequel going through the power of petition. 

Could there be a sequel to Dredd one day?

It’s taken a long time for a legitimate Judge Dredd movie to come along, and we finally got one with Dredd last year.

Dredd conquers home video

When a movie doesn’t take off in the theaters, there’s always hope it will find a second life on home video.

Why Dredd needs a TV series

I hope I speak for a lot of comic fans when I say I'm excited about the upcoming Judge Dredd movie, simply titled Dredd.

Dredd featurette is the law

Lionsgate has posted a new featurette for its upcoming dystopian police thriller, Dredd.

Dredd featurette sees the world in a new way

Lionsgate has posted a new featurette for its upcoming dystopian police thriller, Dredd.

Dredd clip locks down the complex

Lionsgate has released a new clip for its upcoming dystopian police thriller.

Dredd featurette tours dystopia

Lionsgate has posted a new featurette for its upcoming dystopian police thriller, Dredd.

Tank Girl creator wants a new film

Alan Martin, co-creator of the Tank Girl comic book, says he is interested in working on adapting another Tank Girl film.

America is an irradiated waste land in Dredd trailer

Lionsgate has released a red band trailer for the upcoming Dredd reboot on the sidelines of Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego. 

Dredd trailer carries out sentence

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for its upcoming dystopian police thriller, Dredd.

Dredd will be trapped in a highrise

The long-form synopsis for the new Judge Dredd adaptation is out. Warning: Spoilers inside.

Dredd villian detailed

The new Judge Dredd adaptation will be much closer to the source material than the original movie, which starred none other than Sylvester Stallone.

Judge Dredd remake follows the comics

There has been a trend lately of remakes and reboots, much to the chagrin of many critics and fans.