DRAM shortage pushes prices up

The DRAM supply shortage isn’t getting better and memory maker Inotera now believes it will drag on until the end of the year. Strong demand for smartphones and tablets is to blame, and prices are going up as well.

RAM shortage looms

It is starting to look like the IT industry will face a serious RAM chip shortage.

Hynix and Samsung make unholy alliance

It looks like Hynix will recover from Apple's falling iPhone sales by selling its DRAM to Cupertino's arch enemy, Samsung.

NAND stalls while DRAM surges

Industry analysts believe the memory sector will continue to do relatively well despite a decline in NAND demand. Although NAND might not be a very hot commodity, DRAM sales are expected to surge, reports The China Post.

Wafer capacities tell their own tales

As chipmakers struggle to go beyond 22nm and 28nm, it seems older processes are dying faster than Gangnam Style. A recent report by IC Insights shows that more than a quarter of installed wafer capacity is dedicated to sub-40nm process geometries. 

Chip revenues falter

Worldwide semiconductor revenue declined in 2012, figures from Gartner have shown.

Micron sees red blood on the spreadsheet

Micron Technology landed itself in the red for the second quarter, posting a net loss.

Next-gen Samsung RAM hits 12.8GB per second

Samsung's next-gen mobile RAM modules are capable of transmitting data at a blazing 12.8 gigabyte (GB) per second. The new class of memory is expected to significantly increase the bandwidth of current DDR DRAM (1.6GB/s) eightfold, while reducing power consumption by 87%.

Device could revolutionize computer memory

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new device that they say represents a big advance for computer memory, making server farms more energy efficient and allowing computers to start more quickly.

IBM launches world's "fastest" computer chip

IBM is slated to ship the world's "fastest" computer chip on September 10th. But what will the 5.2 GHz microprocessor be used for?

Chip spies arrested in South Korea

Just what we need in the boring old chip industry, a John LeCarre style tale of corporate espionage, intrigue and sex.