Bang with Friends does the same thing but calls it Down

The App Store for iOS is very prudish, or not. Bang with Friends is not prudish at all. It's stated aim is to get its users a one night stand (that's a euphemism for sex at no cost) with Facebook friends. Get it? Bang with Friends. But Apple doesn't like the name. Can live with the intention, but not the name. Go figure.

GoDaddy confirms site outages as service restored

GoDaddy has confirmed that a number of customer web sites and email accounts went down earlier Monday afternoon. 

The Pirate Bay down as court appeal fails

Sweden's Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by the founders of The Pirate Bay, meaning their jail sentences and fines are now final.

Quickbooks goes down but no one cares

Quickbooks Online - developed and marketed by Intuit - was inaccessible on Monday and early Tuesday morning.   

Major Jihadist website downed by unknown hacker

An important al-Qaida chat forum has been downed by unknown hackers, leaving the organization without a trusted communication channel on the internet.

Skype is down. Again.

Oh dear. Skype is down, at least for an awful lot of users around the world.

Foursquare checks out for 11 hours

Foursquare experienced two outages yesterday, the longest lasting about 11 hours, thanks to an unexpected database problem.

Humor from users as Facebook goes down

Bet you're only reading this because your first choice activity was unavailable. Yes, Facebook really is down. And it's been reduced to using Twitter to tell users about its latest outage.

Facebook downs 'Boycott BP' page - by accident, it says

BP says it had nothing to do with the sudden removal of a 'Boycott BP' page from Facebook - it was all Facebook's fault, it says.

Wikipedia, YouTube go down

Wikipedia and YouTube have both experienced outages over the last twenty-four hours.