Microsoft probed over bribery allegations

The Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Securities and Equities Commission (SEC) have initiated allegations that Microsoft, and certain resellers paid money to bureaucrats to win software contracts.

Arizona man imprisoned for renting out botnet

A hacker was given 30 months in prison yesterday for selling command-and-control access to thousands of malware-infected computers.

DoJ probes cable companies over 'anti-competitive' data caps

The Department of Justice is launching an investigation into whether cable companies are deliberately manipulating their data caps to inhibit competition from online video.

EC and US approve Google/Motorola deal

The European Commission and US Department of Justice have cleared Google's purchase of Motorola.

Megaupload data could be wiped this week

Users of Megaupload - including the law-abiding - are set to lose all their data as early as this week.

Hitachi-LG venture admits price fixing

Hitachi-LG Data Storage has admitted bid-rigging and price fixing over optical disk drives used in Dell, HP and Microsoft computers.

Google-Motorola deal delayed after DoJ request

The Department of Justice has asked Google for more information on its proposed takeover of Motorola Mobility, in a move which could see the deal delayed until next year.

Regulators want second look at Google's AdMeld acquisition

Google's facing further delays in its acquisition of internet advertising company AdMeld, with the Department of Justice making a second request for information about the deal.

US senator slams DHS over domain seizures

US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) wants to know why the Department of Homeland Security insists on continuing its controversial policy of seizing domain names.

US DOJ and ICE seize additional domains

The US DOJ (Department of Justice) and ICE (Homeland Security) have moved to seize a number of domains, including - a popular sports streaming and P2P site.

DoJ calls for longer retention of internet usage data

The Department of Justice - in conjunction with the International Association of Chiefs of Police - is calling on internet service providers to hang onto customer usage data for up to two years.

Google bigs up the competition as DoJ probes ITA deal

Google has confirmed that the Department of Justice is to expand its investigation into its proposed acquisition of flight information software provider ITA Software.

Consumer Watchdog asks DoJ to break up Google

An independent consumer group will today call on the Department of Justice to consider breaking Google up because of uncompetitive practices.

Serial ticket scammers indicted on 43 counts

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has indicted four individuals who allegedly made more than $25 million by fraudulently acquiring and reselling over 1.5 million entertainment tickets.