Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

In an interview with VH1 regarding his future career prospects, current Doctor Who star Matt Smith confirmed he won't be sticking with the role past the upcoming 2012/2013 season.

BBC teases Doctor Who holiday special

BBC has released details about the upcoming holiday episode of Doctor Who.

The tools of Doctor Who

The last couple episodes of Doctor Who have been a welcome change.

The war crimes of Doctor Who

Yes, I had issues with the mid-season finale of Doctor Who a few months ago because the show spent half a season building up to a conflict that was resolved too quickly and neatly in just a single episode.

Is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who?

The eleventh Doctor may have let the cat out of the bag.

Doctor Who prequel to Let’s Kill Hitler

The BBC has released a "prequel" episode of Doctor Who; the events of which fall between the events of the mid-season finale and the upcoming new episode, Let’s Kill Hitler.

BBC debuts Doctor Who 6.2 trailers

The BBC has posted two trailers for the upcoming half-season of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is in trouble

Sources claim the revived series may be on its last legs.

Matt Smith will be our Doctor for at least one more season

The Doctor isn’t going to regenerate at the end of this season, but will likely get new friends.

On the heights and depths in Doctor Who

This past weekend’s episode of Doctor Who brings us into the mid-season break.

On the holes and Flesh in Doctor Who

This weekend's episode of Doctor Who finally answered some questions. Typically, it also presented new ones.

Torchwood: Miracle Day gets first trailer

Before today we’ve only had posters and stills to show us what’s going on with Miracle Day. Now we have a trailer.

On the black spots and eye patches in Doctor Who

This week’s Doctor Who wasn’t a myth-arc episode, but it still had some interesting details.

On kisses and babies in Doctor Who

The second half of the premier adventure of the new Doctor Who season ran this weekend, and it mixes things up in proper Doctor Who style.

On guns and mysteries in Doctor Who

The new season of Doctor Who premiered over the weekend on both sides of the Atlantic, and it gives us a convoluted set-up for the season.

Another Doctor Who trailer released

BBC has released a new season trailer for Doctor Who, and this one gives a really good glimpse at what this season will be like.

Torchwood returns to television under new management

For its new season, Torchwood is being produced in the US, and almost the entire cast is changing.

No longer a need to pirate Doctor Who

American Doctor Who fans have something to celebrate after yesterday’s announcement: for the first time, the popular series will be shown parallel in Britain and the US.

The Doctor's lady friends

The new Doctor Who serials are fantastic. They take a look at Doctor Who in a new, slightly emo light, and show us the pain of a guy who may have been the end of his own people.