Filming begins for new Doctor Who episodes

The BBC has begun filming the seventh season of Doctor Who.

Additional details revealed for Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover

We recently reported that a Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comic book - dubbed Assimilation2 - is in the works over at IDW, which has held the comic book rights to both properties for some time now.

The Doctor will meet Picard on paper

A crossover comicbook event brings Star Trek and Doctor Who together at last.

The Fades are not going away

The first season (series) of the BBC production The Fades finished up in the UK after six episodes, and  recently began airing in the US on BBC America.

Former Doctor Who show runner develops Aliens vs. Wizards

After the death of Elizabeth Sladen, the star of the hit CBBC show The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who spin-off was cancelled.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock trailer blasts monsters

BBC Worldwide has released its first gameplay trailer of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, giving us a look at what the title will actually look and feel like.

Doctor Who’s Ponds only have a few episodes left

We’ve known for months that Doctor Who’s companions will be swapped out this coming season, marking the first change of primary companion for the Eleventh Doctor.

Moffat and Myles tease Doctor Who plot-point

On Wednesday this week, Steven Moffat, show runner for Doctor Who - among other things - wrote a rather enigmatic post on his twitter account.  

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time trailer saves the universe

This week, Three Rings released its first trailer for Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, a massive-multiplayer online puzzle/adventure game which loosely adapts the current incarnation of the wildly popular BBC franchise.

The fate of Doctor Who's Amy and Rory

There have been rumors for months that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, who play The Doctor’s current companions, will not be coming back for the seventh season.

On the future of Doctor Who

Steven Moffat has confirmed that the structure of Doctor Who will evolve for the upcoming season.

New Doctor Who video game is less of an enigma

Last week, BBC Worldwide confirmed a Doctor Who video game is in development by Supermassive Games (of Little Big Planet fame).

BBC teases new Doctor Who video game

BBC has released a teaser for its upcoming video game Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, which is being developed by Supermassive Games.

Matt Smith details Doctor Who Christmas special

BBC America recently posted a brief interview with Matt Smith, who currently plays The Doctor on Doctor Who. In the short YouTube video, Smith discusses the upcoming special holiday episode of the popular show.

Doctor Who movie won't be a Hollywood reboot

We recently confirmed that there was a Doctor Who film in development, with director David Yates looking for screenplay writers.

Doctor Who bio-comic to arrive in 2012

Bluewater Comics has confirmed that it will be releasing Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who in 2012. The bio-comic is slated to feature the stories of several of the actors who played the Doctor over the years.

On the seventh season of Doctor Who

Steven Moffat, the current show runner for the popular British science fiction series, has confirmed that the between-season hiatus will be the longest since the show started back up again 6 years ago.

Trailer for Doctor Who holiday special is here

The trailer for this year’s Doctor Who holiday special has gone live.

What will the Doctor Who film be about?

BBC Worldwide has kicked off development on a new Doctor Who film adaptation. The movie will be directed by David Yates, who is currently seeking screenplay writers.

Barrowman says Torchwood is on hold

Torchwood star Jon Barrowman confirms that the popular series is effectively on hold.