Smith to stay on as Doctor Who

The good Doctor won't be regenerating for at least two seasons, despite a ceaseless stream of rumors about how Matt Smith will be ditching his role after the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

Thor: The Dark World begins filming; Doctor Who alum cast as villain

Primary photography recently kicked off on the super hero sequel, with the casting for the primary villain revealed to the masses.

Doctor Who season 7 trailer is beset by foes

BBC One has released a trailer for the upcoming season of its hit sci-fi adventure show. (Warning - spoilers ahead).

The geek burlesque of Total Recall

We recently ran a report about how women are geeking out more than ever. 

Inspector SpaceTime trailer spoofs Doctor Who

If you've ever watched the NBC TV show Community, you probably recall the episode when Inspector SpaceTime made his debut.

Doctor Who season premiere gets detailed

Some details from the Doctor Who season seven opener have been published. Warning: spoilers ahead.

A first look at Doctor Who's new companion

Thanks to some on-set espionage, we’ve managed to sneak our first look at the Doctor’s new companion.

Doctor Who mini-episode goes live

The BBC recently sponsored a writing contest for school children in the UK called 'Doctor Who: Script to Screen.'

Wizards vs. Aliens cast revealed

After the untimely death of Elizabeth Sladen, the star of the hit CBBC show The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who spin-off was cancelled.

Ponds departure spoiled by on-set visitor

The Doctor Who team recently completed filming the one episode that nearly all fans are eager to know more about.

Dr Who's sonic screwdriver created

Scottish physicists have built a real-life sonic screwdriver, like the one used by Doctor Who - and say it's most likely to be used for surgery.

How Doctor Who loses The Ponds

The current companions of The Doctor are slated to leave several episodes into the new season of Doctor Who this fall.

Doctor Who promo images EX-TER-MIN-ATE

BBC One has posted a series of teaser images from the upcoming season of the hit sci-fi show.

Doctor Who Season 7 trailer runs you out of town

BBC One has released the first trailer for the first half of the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

Coleman will climb into the TARDIS this winter

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffatt has confirmed that Jenna-Louise Coleman will take on the role of The Doctor’s next companion.

Could Ben Browder be The Doctor’s new companion?

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has revealed some interesting details about the upcoming season of the hit BBC show.

Womb trailer makes a new copy

Olive Films has released the first trailer for its upcoming sci-fi drama, Womb, and it’s a bit creepy. I don’t mean scary clown make-up creepy. I mean Oedipus complex creepy.

NBC nixes Inspector Spacetime

NBC and Sony have sent a cease and desist letter to Travis Richley, the producer, co-writer, and star of the upcoming web-series Inspector Spacetime.

Cumberbatch may revive The Master next year

Benedict Cumberbatch is reportedly in talks to play the role of The Master on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, which is slated to arrive after the end of the next season in the summer of 2013.

Doctor Who books coming to American markets

Penguin UK and Diamond Book Distributors have confirmed they will soon begin selling Doctor Who books in North America.