Who wants a Tardis for Christmas?

It’s amazing the following Doctor Who has to this day. I can still recall growing up seeing flashes of the re-runs on TV, and at my impressionable young age it was quite a bizarre vortex to get sucked into.

Doctor Who minisode doesn't want to fight aliens anymore

This year, the Doctor Who holiday minisode serves as a prequel of sorts for the full holiday episode.

More details from Gaiman's Who episode revealed

Doctor Who TV gets an inside look at what the episode will be about, and how the villains will be redesigned. Warning: Spoilers follows.

Video: The Clone Wars gets David Tennant as guest star

Former Doctor Who star plays a droid in the acclaimed CGI serial.

Gaiman to bring classic villain back to Doctor Who

The BBC has revealed some of the plot for the next Doctor Who Gaiman episode. Warning - spoilers inside.

Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who

The BBC's official Doctor Who Magazine has run the writer director list as it stands for 2013.

Doctor Who gift box gets timey-wimey

The BBC has announced a new Doctor Who box set which includes everything Doctor Who up until the beginning of the current season.  

Ultimate Doctor Who infographic depicts the companions

A British publication has compiled an extremely detailed and informative History of the Companions.

Doctor Who featurettes bid a tearful farewell to the Ponds

BBC One and BBC America have released a series of featurettes about the mid-season finale.

Review: The coming-of-age of the eleventh Doctor

We're at the mid-season break for Doctor Who, and our favorite Time Lord has been left in an interesting emotional space.

Doctor Who trailers bid adieu to the companions

BBC One has released a pair of trailers for the fifth episode of the new season of Doctor Who - the final episode in which Karen Gillan and Artur Darvil are slated to appear.

Doctor Who parody hits second episiode

The second installment of the first adventure of Inspector Spacetime - though that's not the official title of the show - is available now.

Peter Jackson eyes Doctor Who

Doctor Who star Matt Smith and famed LOTR director Peter Jackson both think it would be great idea for the veteran genre helmer to direct an episode of the show.

Doctor Who parody is here

The Doctor Who parody NBC desperately didn't want went live this past week.

The Doctor’s mysterious new companion

We thought we had the new Doctor Who co-star figured out, but she’s thrown us for a loop.

Another Doctor Who season 7 prequel appears

Pond Life was not the only prequel to the first episode of the new Doctor Who season.

Doctor Who rides the triceratops

BBC One has released a handful of posters for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

The Doctor Who - Pond Life connection

BBC One is currently in the midst of running a mini-series dubbed Pond Life which serves as a connection between the long-gapped sixth and seventh seasons of Doctor Who.

Asylum of the Daleks teaser gets captured

BBC One has released a teaser and synopsis for the upcoming season premiere of Doctor Who.

Arrow casts Torchwood star

John Barrowman has been cast in The CW’s new super hero adaptation.