Elysium Reviews Are In

As everybody knows by now, this has been a rough summer at the box office, with movie after movie going in the toilet. Elysium, which is Neill Blomkamp’s big studio follow up to District 9, has been looked at as a possible hope to bring the box office back from the brink. Now the official reviews are in, and what’s the verdict?

Is Elysium the Summer's Box Office Hope?

A lot of movies have come and bombed this summer, and it doesn’t look like the hemorrhaging’s going to stop any time soon. At the same time, one movie that looks very promising is Elysium, director Neil Blomkamp’s follow up to his acclaimed District 9. 

Neill Blomkamp talks Elysium and Halo

Elysium isn’t a remake of a tired old movie, or an adaptation of a video game, which could definitely confuse a lot of people, but we at TG are looking forward to the film because it’s the follow up of director Neill Blomkamp, the man who gave us District 9.

Dystopian Elysium is about the 99%

We still don’t have a public trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s new sci-fi thriller Elysium, but lucky Comic-Con attendees were treated to seven minutes of unfinished footage.

Europa Report quietly announced

This weekend saw the revelation of The Europa Report, an upcoming film which has been in silent development for some time.

The Super 8 suspense is over

For those who follow the movie box office like many watch the finals, Super 8 did make it to #1 this weekend, generating $37 million on 5,500 screens, including $1 million raked in on Thursday night.

Video: Mysterious Alien goes viral

An enigmatic video directed by Filmmaker Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame has been released into the wilds of the Internet.

District 9 assault rifle spotted in the wild

A District 9 assault rifle has been spotted in the wilds of Comic-Con. The $500 replica - manufactured by Weta - features battle worn scratches and green alien gunk oozing from its enigmatic couplings.