E Ink and Epson develop 300 dpi e-reader display

Epson and E Ink have developed a new electronic paper with a resolution way higher than that of existing e-readers.

Samsung display folds flat without creasing

Samsung could be about to put an end to the PC/tablet debate, with the news that it's created a bendable AMOLED screen which won't crease, even after it's been folded 100,000 times.

Team develops super-hi-def displays

A new, ultra-high definition color display technology has been developed, allowing a University of Michigan team to create an image of their logo measuring just nine microns high.

Invented in 1960, Gorilla Glass takes off at last

It sometimes takes a while for a new technology to really come into its own. Fifty years is rather a long time - but that's how long Corning's Gorilla Glass has taken to find its niche.

Apple touts $1,000 LED display

What do you buy for the Mac fanboi that has everything? Why, the new Apple 27-inch LED cinema display, of course!

Is this AMOLED display manufactured out of Kryptonite?

Samsung has reportedly designed an "indestructible" AMOLED display capable of withstanding the wrath of a swinging hammer.

Sony develops tactile feedback display for smartphones

Sony recently showcased a touch-panel capable of generating tactile feedback by detecting the amount of pressure applied to a mobile smartphone display.

Naked Dell tablet pics Streak across the Web

Pictures of Dell's upcoming Streak tablet lineup were outed and hit the 'Net early this Friday afternoon.