Moto X display goes FTW

Analysts at ABI Research say the display found in the Moto X from Motorola Mobility, a Google company, has the best performance observed in a mobile display to date.

Sony touts flexible E-ink writing tablet

Over the last year or so, Sony has teased its flexible E-Ink screens on more than a few occasions. Up until recently, products that utilized E-Ink displays seemed to be off-market prototypes, although all of that has changed in recent weeks. 

This Android-powered BenQ display doesn't need a PC

Touchscreen capability is probably one of Microsoft's biggest and most hyped Windows 8 selling points. 

Wacom debuts Cintiq 13HD interactive pen display

Wacom has refreshed its Cintiq interactive pen display lineup with the slick Cintiq 13HD.

This 10-inch USB display can be used in direct sunlight

If you've ever tried to use a typical computer or tablet in direct sunlight, you know that it's pretty much impossible to read the screen.

Lenovo debuts ThinkVision mobile touchscreen display

Lenovo debuted a rather interesting mobile touchscreen monitor with pen input support this past week at CES 2013.  

Flexible 'paper' tablet previewed at CES

The bendy tablet has been coming for quite a while now, but a version to be shown off today at CES could be ready for the market within three years, say its creators.

Report: New iPad mini to boast high-res retina display

The Apple rumor mill is churning again with reports that the next-generation iPad mini will boast a significantly higher resolution display than the current model. 

Apple iPad shipments may reach 100 million in 2013

When Apple debuted its long-awaited iPad mini in October, many analysts criticized the $329 price tag as too expensive for a 7-inch entry tablet.

These contact lenses have embedded LCD displays

Contact lenses were originally designed to correct poor vision, all while offering a viable alternative to huge coke-bottle glasses.

This 4.46-inch HD display has the world's narrowest bezel

AU Optronics (AUO) has introduced a new smartphone display that allows manufacturers to insert incredibly thin bezels around mobile screens. The panel measures a cool 4.46-inches and supports 720p HD resolution.

Monitor2Go targets tablets and smartphones

MMT (Mobile Monitor Technologies) has debuted a slick portable display dubbed "Monitor2Go" which is targeted at iPads, iPhones, notebooks, smartphones and Android tablets.

This Android tablet measures 21.5-inches

Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of this gigantic 21.5-inch full HD resolution Android tablet designed by the Japanese-based Kouziro.

The world's thinnest display: a soap bubble

A Japanese-US team says it's developed the world's thinnest display - a soap bubble that can even show 3D images.

Sharp showcases new IGZO LCD and OLED screens

The mobile device world is evolving rapidly, with displays offering higher resolutions, improved colors and optimized contrast.

Facebook app gets retina graphics for new iPad

If you have a new iPad and frequent Facebook, you'll probably want to download the new Facebook app because it's been updated specifically for you.

Supply tight for new iPad screens

As predicted, Sharp seems to have failed to come up with the goods, and its LCD panels likely won't be appearing on the new iPad when it hits the stores on Friday.

Apple may risk iPad 3 display shortage

Apple could struggle to keep pace with demand for the iPad 3, thanks to  a fragile supply of its new Retina display.

Sony's new TV based on six million LEDs

Sony's shown off a new type of LED television which uses six million tiny light-emitting diodes to create an image.

Apple eyes "glasses-free" 3D display

Apple is apparently eyeing the design of a new type of multi-layer display that would allow users to view three-dimensional images without glasses.