Disney’s Avatar theme park won’t be cheap

As we previously reported, James Cameron’s Avatar has inspired a series of Disney amusement park adventures that should be ready in time for Avatar 2's release in 2014. 

The Lone Ranger cliffhanger continues

The Lone Ranger came from the age of cliffhangers, and whether it will make the big screen again or not has become quite a cliffhanger itself.

Why Disney put The Lone Ranger on hold

The Lone Ranger reboot was slated to star Armie Hammer from The Social Network in the title role and Johnny Depp as Tonto.

D23 - Pixar’s plans revealed

Pixar has made some of the greatest animated genre films ever, and this weekend the famous studio offered a glimpse into the future at D23. 

Lone Ranger comes to a standstill

Reports indicate that Disney has called a halt to all production on its upcoming adaptation of Lone Ranger.

Is Angry Birds really worth $1.2 billion?

Let's think about this rationally for a minute. Yes, Angry Birds is unfortunately one of the most popular video games of all time. But is the avian phenomenon enough to propel the value of Rovio to over a billion dollars?

John Carter comic coming from Marvel and Disney

Marvel and Disney will be putting out a special edition, 4-issue comic book line which will cover the story of John Carter, Dejah Thoris, and Tars Tarkas before they meet in the upcoming film.

Phillip K. Dick comes to Disney?!

Disney recently announced that it has begun pre-production on an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story.

Yes, Disney rides are headed to a theater near you

If you follow the movie industry, you may notice a number of Disney rides have been in development to become films - even with the diminishing returns of the Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Pixar's Brave teaser released

Pixar today released the teaser for Brave, its upcoming animated fantasy film.

Barsoom film gets poster, new title

Recently we found out that Disney’s project, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs’s novel, had changed its name again from John Carter of Mars to simply John Carter.

Tim Burton has learned not to do 3D

After his last creation, Alice in Wonderland, totally ripped people off, Tim Burton will not pursue 3D with his next flick.

Oblivion looks like it may become a reality

Disney has failed to go forward on the film project, and so Universal has picked it up, along with some star power.

Space Mountain rider found unconscious

One of Disney World's most thrilling rides became the theme park's most dramatic scene over the weekend.

Netflix and Miramax clinch streaming video deal

Netflix has announced a licensing deal with Miramax that will allow U.S. subscribers to stream several hundred  movies owned by the studio beginning in June.

Hulu extends contracts with major TV networks

Hulu fans everywhere will be happy to know the site recently renewed a deal to keep shows from NBC, Fox and ABC on the site for an extended period of time.

Vanessa Hudgens enlists FBI in hunt for nude pic hackers

When nudie pics and videos were released of the once goody-goody "High School Music" star Vanessa Hudgens, fans worldwide were shocked and amazed. The source? A hacked Gmail account.

In search of a real Sputnik moment

In President Obama's State of the Union Speech last month he spoke of "our Sputnik moment" referring to President Kennedy's vision that we would reach the moon by the end of the 60's. 
It was a wonderful decade to dream and his government was referred to as the Camelot of its time. 

Disney plans a whole lot of Blu-ray 3D titles

When Disney goes for something, it really goes all the way. And having found early success with Blu-ray 3D, it's now planning an avalanche of titles, including going into the vault and turning classic 2D movies into 3D.

Disney releases first mobile game since Tapulous buyout

Tapulous is known to many mobile game enthusiasts for its Tap Tap Revolution franchise dating back to the days of PDAs (remember when people thought those were cool?) Disney snapped up the company earlier this year in a bid to increase its mobile presence, and now we have the first game since that acquisition went through - Zoo Rescue.