SDCC2012: Oz the Great and Powerful trailer lands the balloon

Disney has unveiled the first teaser trailer for its upcoming readaptation prequel of The Wizard of Oz.

A closer look at Comic-Con San Diego

With Comic-Con San Diego just around the corner, it’s easy to forget that comic books, comic book movies and toys were originally targeted at kids.

Monsters University teaser hides in the closet

Pixar and Disney have released the first teaser for their upcoming fantasy comedy prequel, Monsters University.

Maleficent... It begins!

Disney has confirmed that production on Maleficent, the upcoming fairy tale adaptation,which tells the story of the villain in the Sleeping Beauty tale, kicked off last week.

Frozen synopsis climbs the mountain

Disney has detailed its latest CGI holiday film project.

Dallas leaves Thor for Once

One of the most visible supporting roles in the Thor franchise won’t be able to join the cast of the second movie due to a previous contract.

Wreck-it Ralph trailer wants to be good

Disney has released the first trailer for its upcoming video game film, Wreck-it Ralph.

The tattoos of John Carter on Blu-ray

John Carter comes to Blu-ray on June 5th. Here’s a chance to win a copy for yourself.

Order of the Seven on hold at Disney

Multiple reports indicate that Disney has called a halt to all production on its upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White.

The Tron legacy continues

As readers of TG know, we're big fans of Tron, and I for one can still remember very fondly when I first saw it back in that magical genre summer of 1982. 

Will Joss Whedon return to The Avengers?

Ever since The Avengers came out to unprecedented box office revenues, there's been stories all over the 'Net about how Joss Whedon needs to come back for the Avengers sequel.

Epic Mickey 2 trailer launches

Disney is giving a new look at the sequel to Epic Mickey.

The revolution of TRON: Uprising

Disney’s new TRON serial doesn’t kick off until next month, but the entire first episode has gone live to hold us over until then.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer comes from the garden

Walt Disney Pictures has launched the first trailer for its upcoming family fantasy film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

First 'Avengers' video game will go to Wii U, Xbox 360

The first in what will be a series of 'The Avengers' video games is called Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth.

New technology delivers smarter touchscreens

Intelligent doorknobs and gesture-controlled smartphones could be on the way, thanks to a new sensing technique developed by Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University.

TRON: Uprising sneak peek changes sides

Disney XD has released a new sneak peek for its upcoming animated adventure serial TRON: Uprising.

Will John Carter finally find its audience?

Many had been predicting the failure of John Carter months before it happened, and in the post mortem of the film many blamed various marketing and regime problems at Disney.

Graveyard Book headed for the silver screen, for real this time

Disney is the fourth studio to purchase the rights to the 2008 book.

Latest Brave trailer is rebellious

Pixar has released a new full length trailer for its upcoming animated Highlands adventure, Brave.