The green buildings of the next apocalypse

If you can read this, you’ve probably already survived the much-reported, thoroughly ridiculous Mayan Apocalypse prophecy as today marks the end of the “long count” calendar created by the ancient civilization.

Climate disasters costing billions in health costs

Extreme weather events over the last ten years have cost the US over $14 billion in health costs alone, researchers have calculated.

Skylifter airship could carry whole buildings

Australian firm Skylifter has created a flying saucer-shaped airship that it says could be used to drop entire hospitals into disaster zones - or be the newest toy for the super-rich.

Cellphone system works where there's no coverage

An Australian team has trialled a mobile phone system that works even where there's no network signal.

Robot insect can fly, hop and perch

A Swiss robotics researcher has created a flying robot that can perch on walls or trees.