Talks between DirecTV and Viacom reach a stalemate

Viacom recently forced DirecTV to pull about 17 different networks from the DirecTV satellite TV service, including the wildly popular Nickelodeon children's channel and Comedy Central.

DirecTV sloughs off 3D programming

It's a bleak time for the future of stereoscopic 3D TV channels.

DirecTV adds on-demand streaming to iPad app

Users can now watch movies on-the-go if they have a DirecTV account.

DirecTiVo now available nationwide

Yep, Tivo is still around, folks.

Sony apologizes for PS3 NFL streaming flub

It wasn't a great game day for PS3 users who signed up for the console's unprecedented live streaming NFL subscription package.

PS3 strikes deal for NFL streaming

NFL Ticket, a feature previously touted specifically to DirecTV customers, is heading over to the PS3.

Civil War documentary heading for 3D TV

A very old American war is about to get a very modern technological makeover.

Comcast to launch own 3D channel

Anyone who uses Comcast as their cable TV provider will find a new channel added to their lineup in two days, as the carrier will launch its own, 24/7 3D TV station called Xfinity 3D.

Next month's US Open to get 3D treatment

The US Open will be broadcast in 3D for the first time when the annual tournament begins next month, but yet again its availability will be extremely limited.

DirecTV now has 4 3D channels while most broadcasters have 0

DirecTV has become the first TV service provider to offer an entire suite of dedicated 3D channels, while the sweeping majority of other cable and satellite providers still have absolutely no 3D content available.

Nascar speeds onto the 3D track

The first-ever Nascar race to be broadcast in 3D will be presented on July 3, available on TV exclusively through DirecTV, but it will also be streamed live in 3D on Nascar's Web site.

DirecTV confirms transmission "glitch"

DirecTV has blamed a transmission "glitch" - caused by an apparently buggy software update - for freezing a number of HD DVR units.

Plasma TV, GPS, DirecTV engineers inducted to hall of fame

The inventors of modern-day GPS and an inventor credited with paving the path for plasma TV technology are among the 2010 inductees to the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.

Yankees games get 3D TV overhaul

Yankees fans may want to just stay home and order in some peanuts and Cracker Jack for the next big game, as the team's TV broadcasts are about to get much more realistic.