Guardians of the Galaxy may already have a director

There was a lot of buzz about a "secret" Marvel movie - Guardians of the Galaxy - at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego.

John Carter director heads to safer waters

Everybody in Hollywood loves to act as if taking risks is a great thing. 

Yes, it’s great when taking a risk really pays off and makes a ton of money.

The methods of Dark Knight director Chris Nolan

Yes, Hunger Games and Avengers are currently the most anticipated movies of the year, but the last installment of Dark Knight is absolutely going to be a big deal when it hits theaters on July 20.

The search for a Hunger Games director is on

The Hunger Games is still the number one movie in the country, going on its fourth week at the top of the box office charts, a feat no film has done since Avatar.

If someone has to take over Hunger Games...

You knew this list was going to turn up on the ‘Net soon enough, especially with negotiations continuing in a frantic attempt to keep director Gary Ross attached to the wildly successful Hunger Games franchise.

Director Bill Condon talks Twilight

While I'm not exactly a huge Twilight enthusiast, I do find it interesting that the latest films were helmed by a terrific director, Bill Condon, who also headed up the big screen version of Dreamgirls.

Battleship director doesn't fear the haters

Bring it on Battleship haters, because director Peter Berg isn't afraid of you.

Ridley Scott wants you as co-director

Director Sir Ridley Scott is looking for collaborators to help him document a day in the life of the planet.