Dinosaur challenges theories of early flight

A feathered dinosaur has been discovered that existed way before the bird-like dinosaurs that birds have generally been thought to have evolved from.

Feathered dinosaur used displays to attract mates

Some feathered dinosaurs may have used their tail feathers in a similar way to today’s turkeys and peacocks, in displays to attract a mate.  

New croc-like dinosaur discovered in Hungary

Paelontologists uncovered the fossil remains of a new species of ‘mososaur’, the first of its kind to have lived in fresh-water.

First feathered dinosaurs found in North America

Feathered dinosaurs with something a lot like wings have for the first time been discovered in North America - but the feathers don't appear to have been used to aid flight.

Vampire dinosaur was a herbivore

Scientists now believe that a tiny dinosaur with vampire-like fangs was actually a herbivore. 

Dino footprint found at space center

As the Curiosity rover searches for signs of ancient life on Mars, it's been discovered in NASA's own back yard.

T. rex cousin had 'shaggy' feathers

A newly-discovered dinosaur, a close relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex, has been discovered to have had feathers.

Dinosaur Microraptor had evolving feathers

The detailed feather pattern and color of Microraptor - a pigeon-sized, four-winged dinosaur that lived about 120 million years ago - once boasted a glossy iridescent sheen.

Colored dinosaur feathers found trapped in amber

A University of Alberta research team has discovered a remarkable collection of Cretaceous feathers trapped in tree resin.