Digital Storm's Enix gets overclocked & Sandy Bridged

Digital Storm's Enix rig is powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture and offers screaming overclocks of 4.7GHz+.

Digital Storm locks and loads Optimus-powered XM15 laptop

Digital Storm has introduced an Optimus-powered laptop aimed at hard-core gamers and high-end users.

Digital Storm debuts sub-zero liquid chilled rig

Digital Storm has debuted a sub-zero liquid chilled rig for hard-core gamers.

Black|OPS targets 3D Vision

Digital Storm has introduced a tricked-out Black|OPS gaming rig featuring Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround technology.

Digital Storm deploys Special|OPS gaming rigs

Digital Storm has deployed a new lineup of high-performance, lower-cost gaming rigs.

Digital Storm touts vertically cooled gaming rig

Digital Storm has debuted a new vertically cooled gaming rig. The PC - dubbed Black|OPS Assassin - is reportedly capable of minimizing heat buildup from a three-way SLI configuration of Nvidia's GTX 480s with minimal fan noise.

Digital Storm touts Fermi-powered gaming rig

Digital Storm has released a video showcasing its Fermi-powered Black|OPS gaming rig.

Digital Storm debuts Black|OPS gaming rig

Digital Storm has introduced a new line of high-end gaming rigs that feature Intel's Core i7 processor, ATI's 5970 graphics card and a sub-zero liquid cooling system.