GameStop wants a digital classic time machine

We've reported on several interesting developments in the gaming world over the past few weeks.

The digital future of genre films

We all know that film is on the way out soon, and for true cinema aficionados , it's a sad day.

Digital future seen for next-gen consoles

Will Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 consoles fail if they do not adopt a digital distribution model? 

Martin Scorsese forced to go digital

Movie fans everywhere have been bracing themselves for the end of film, and this is probably the clearest sign yet it's going the way of the extinction sooner than later. 

Yes, film is on the way out

If you love movies, you love film. For movie fans everywhere, myself included, film is like analog recording for music fans. 

Hollywood ditches film for digital

Several of the biggest movie camera manufacturers have stopped making film-based devices as directors embrace a new generation of digital cameras.

The incredible reinvention of DC Comics

Even if you don't know jack about superheroes, you definitely know DC Comics, home of Batman and Superman.

Analysis: Why the Govt. wants to go after Bitcoins

The US government and the Federal Reserve have complete and total control over the currency. They don’t want to lose this control.

Europe starts overhaul of creaky air traffic control systems

European researchers are working on a total reorganization of the region's air traffic control systems, many of which are as much as 50 years old.

USAF locks and loads for digital combat

The United States Air Force (USAF) is preparing for a new role in defending the country from hostile cyber attacks.

Can Apple conquer the American living room?

Apple currently dominates the MP3 market and has successfully wooed the masses with its shiny lineup of iPhones. But is Steve Jobs ready to conquer American living rooms with his next-gen Apple TV?

Lyric optimizes flash memory with advanced probability processing

Lyric Semiconductor has introduced an error correction component for flash memory that offers a 30X reduction in die size, a 12X improvement in power consumption and a significantly higher throughput compared to current platforms.

Netgear touts hardcore ReadyNAS for digital media addicts

Netgear has debuted its ReadyNAS Ultra lineup of 2-Bay, 4-Bay and 6-Bay network storage systems for hardcore digital enthusiasts.

Rdio streams mobile music from the Cloud

Rdio has announced a Cloud-based service that offers unlimited, on-demand access to five million songs across multiple devices.

Cisco takes a walk on the Flip Slide

Cisco has introduced its Flip Slide HD video camera. The $280 device stores up to four hours of high-def digital video and up to 12 hours of content.

NYC Museum of Modern Art adds @ symbol to permanent collection

Dear Andy Warhol, please move your famous can of Campbell's tomato soup to make room for the humble and mundane @ symbol in the NYC Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Wal-Mart invests in Vudu magic

Wal-Mart confirmed late Monday that it has entered into a deal to acquire online movie-on-demand service Vudu. It is the latest push from the global retail giant to expand into digital content.