Digg sold, will merge with News.me

Social news site Digg has been sold to tech development firm Betaworks for a price rumored to be just $500,000 - despite once having been valued at more than $160 million.

Digg founder joins Google

Digg this - the man who created Digg is now working for Google.

Digg users dump site after controversial redesign

Digg's controversial redesign has apparently led to a mass exodus from the once popular site.

Digg home page hijacked by angry users

Digg users annoyed at the recent changes to the site have managed to flood the home page with links from rival Reddit.

Digg founder claims Apple TV will "change everything"

Digg founder Kevin Rose is once again shilling for Steve Jobs and Apple. Yes, indeed, Rose is now claiming that Club Cupertino's revamped set-top box - dubbed iTV - will change the world of television as we know it.

Digg critics allege vast right wing conspiracy

AlterNet is claiming that it has uncovered a "widespread campaign of censorship" executed by a group of "influential" conservative and right-wing Digg members.

Digg CEO's departure further buries the company

The CEO of what was once the most popular socially-driven news site has now dug himself out of the company, leaving Digg's original founder to take the spot as chief executive.

Digg reinvents itself with instant submissions

Digg is reportedly preparing to launch a revamped version of its popular service that will allow users to quickly submit "instant" Diggs without logging in.