Volvo eyes diesel hybrid for US roads

In 2011, we reported that the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) would be coming to the U.S. We posted a follow-up that the information was inaccurate … at the time.

Chevrolet's 2014 diesel-powered Cruze promises 42 mpg

Chevrolet has officially introduced its 2014 Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel, which is powered by a small two-liter turbo diesel engine capable of racking up 42 mpg on the highway.

These Mazda 6 vehicles are diesel race cars

If you've ever watched an automotive race, it might surprise you that participants are actually striving for fuel efficiency.

Renewable gasoline, diesel said to be near

The electric vehicle revolution is under way, but let's be honest.

Tokelau Island is world’s first solar-powered nation

Living in America, it may feel like it’s nearly impossible to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, but even our car-obsessed society doesn’t have it as bad as island-dwellers.

Gasoline worse than diesel for major air pollutant

To their surprise, scientists have found that gasoline vehicles, rather than diesel, and contributing more to a major type of air pollution.

GM preps Cruze diesel engine for US roads

GM has confirmed that it will be leaning on some of its European expertise to develop the diesel engine that will power the Cruze when it hits US roads in in 2013.

Diesel additive can be toxic to liver

A common additive in diesel fuel can cause liver damage, say researchers at Marshall University.

Biofuel breakthrough could replace diesel

The rising economic and political costs of foreign oil, coupled with climate-change fears, have been driving the search for renewable, alternative transportation fuels in the United States.

Cutting soot emissions could be climate quick fix

Reducing soot emissions from diesel engines and other sources could be the fastest, most economical way to slow the melting of Arctic sea ice, researchers say.

Navy missile test base ditching diesel

Whether you're a fan of the U.S. military or not, there's no denying its role in driving cleantech innovation and deployment, from embracing solar power on the front lines to testing energy-efficient lighting systems closer to home. 

Military tests fuel-cell backup power systems

U.S. military bases are required to keep functioning even if there’s a power failure, so typically they have backup systems that run on diesel. 

Firm makes diesel directly from sunlight

Massachusetts biotech company Joule Unlimited says it's demonstrated a process for generating pure diesel directly from solar energy.