EEG allows communication with patients in 'vegetative state'

Scientists have found a way of communicating with patients who appear to be in a persistent vegetative state, but actually retain consciousness.

Rats better than people at diagnosing TB

Want to know if you've got TB? Just spit on a rat. A new study has shown that trained giant African rats are 44 percent better at detecting the disease than trained people using microscopy.

Health chip gives instant cancer diagnosis

An EU project has developed a 'health chip' that allows a number of conditions to be diagnosed instantly and automatically in the doctor's office.

Brits want cell phone kits to diagnose STDs

British researchers are apparently hard at work developing small, inconspicuous cell phone kits capable of diagnosing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) on the fly.

Professor develops simple cancer test

A University of Missouri professor has developed a device that could test for some cancers as easily as a pregnancy test.