Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Still the Most Stolen Shows on Cable

In a day and age where everybody expects everything to be free, perhaps it’s a status symbol when people are stealing your stuff like crazy. It certainly bodes well for Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, who once again are topping the charts for the most pirated shows on TV. 

Why Dexter Couldn't Die

When Dexter finally came to an end, a lot of fans weren’t happy about how it ended. The show had a good run for sure, but a lot of people very disappointed in how it all ended up.

The Last Episode of Dexter Leaves Fans Far From Satisfied

Why is it so many shows end on such a bad note? Remember how terrible the ending of Seinfeld was? How about Cheers? St Elsewhere? And what about one of the absolute worst, and most frustrating, series endings ever, The Sopranos? Not to mention the shows we loved that went downhill, and never returned to their once great standards, like L.A. Law? 

Game of Thrones almost ready to rule again

Along with The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones is the hottest thing on TV these days.

Is this the end of The Simpsons and Dexter?

This is definitely a tense time for fans of The Simpsons, among whose ranks I proudly include myself, and Dexter.