Console game devs bailing to mobile

The lengthy last-gen console cycle and underperforming titles have created a perfect storm of uncertainty, promoting numerous game devs to abandon the once stalwart platform for mobile devices.

Sony Playstation 4 wins praise from game developers

The Playstation 3 may have offered gamers plenty of raw horsepower, but the last-gen console was notoriously difficult for coding devs.

AMD's APU drives this GizmoSphere

AMD's x86 G-series APU is the brains behind the GizmoSphere, a low-cost board targeted at developers and modders.

Report: Devs prefer Apple iOS over Android

A recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster seems to confirm that mobile developers prefer coding apps for iOS.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK goes live

Microsoft continues to forge critical ties with the modder community as the corporation officially launches its Kinect for Windows SDK.

Microsoft wants devs to code Phone apps in their spare time

Yesterday we reported that Microsoft was pimping out free Windows 7 phones to its employees. Today we learned that Redmond expects hard-working MS devs to code Phone apps in their spare time.