Can Dragonology be saved?

Universal Pictures recently signed on two new producers to save the stalled fantasy adaptation.

The Daredevil reboot is dead

Filmmaker Joe Carnahan has confirmed that the new Daredevil project is dead.

Wanted sequel is back on track

After years of various delays, Wanted 2 may finally be emerging from development hell.

Bill Murray displeased with Ghostbusters 3 script

Ghostbusters mastermind Dan Aykroyd has wanted to get a third movie up and running for a long time, and it did seem for a time that one may have come close last year, but now may be stuck in development hell for good.

World War Z production suffers third act failure

The Brad Pitt-led Zombie apocalypse thriller already had to spend 7 weeks reshooting the ending because director Marc Forster wasn’t happy with the ending. Now it seems to be a lot worse.

Daredevil film gets new writer

Last summer, the upcoming Daredevil adaptation recruited Brad Caleb Kane, the writer-producer of Fringe, to start on the screenplay. Now they appear to have started over with a new writer, David James Kelly.

Trying to go beyond Tron

When Steven Lisberger was working on Soul Code, the second Tron film was also in development and finally reached the big screen in 2010.

Tales from Development Hell fleshes out the non-existent

Tales from Development Hell: The Greatest Movies Never Made? tells the stories of some of the most involved film development processes in the industry.

Defunct Dune adaptation would have changed the world

It’s not entirely uncommon for a film to fail the herculean effort of making it out of the development phase.

Stretch Armstrong gets a development reset

Relativity Media recently obtained the rights to create a film based on the once-popular toy franchise, and has apparently ditched all previous plans for the property put in place by Universal.

Akira adaptation may be lost

The American adaptation of Akira, the popular manga and anime, has seen lots of ups and down. Still, this may be the last straw as Warner Bros. gives the producers and director two weeks to make it work.