Pedestrian-detector to come to Mercedes cars

Top-of-the-range Mercedes vehicles will soon come equipped with an artificial vision system designed to detect pedestrians.

Was Einstein wrong? Speed of light appears to have been broken

European scientists believe they've observed subatomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light - something that Einstein's theory of relativity says should be impossible.

Portable 'bullet detectors' issued to US troops

US solders are soon to be given individual mini-radar systems capable of detecting incoming gunfire.

Team turns to eBay to build low-cost land mine detector

US Army-sponsored researchers have built a land mine detection system for a hundredth of the cost of traditional systems - using parts they bought in online auctions.

Sony panics, criticizes Microsoft over Natal propaganda

An irate Sony spokesperson has harshly criticized Microsoft for broadcasting "happy, happy, joy, joy" news about Project Natal.