Yes, clean energy is a bipartisan issue

It's a commonly held belief that certain political parties are more pro-green than others, but the truth is far more complicated than that, according to a new ORC International survey conducted for the nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute (CSI). 

On energy and environment, Americans want it all

A new poll from Gallup shows the American public generally backing a comprehensive - and perhaps contradictory - array of methods for resolving energy and environmental issues.

Big government science gets a reprieve

A year of threats from the House had thousands expecting budget cuts as deep as 20 percent by those determined to drown government science in the bathwater. 

Democrats blogged more than Republicans in election year

Democrats used political blogs more than Republicans in the run-up to the last presidential election, but the Republicans were more aggressive, says a professor at the University of Arkansas.

GOP slashes clean energy funding

House Republican appropriators have slashed renewable energy funding by 27%, or $491 million to $1.3 billion - approximately $1.9 billion below what the Obama administration had previously requested.

Obama & Facebook's bromance revealed at town hall meeting

President Obama has been called the prince of social media, using Facebook and Twitter as his campaigning allies. 

Sarah Palin holds forth on Twitter

Tea Party spiritual leader Sarah Palin is claiming credit for expelling more than a dozen House Democrats who backed President Obama's controversial health care law.

Republicans 'kicking butt' in social media

The Rebublicans are set to win in the November mid-term elections, if their Facebook and Twitter presence is to be believed.

Democrats slam internet 'fast lane'

Four democratic representatives have attacked the network neutrality plan submitted by Google and Verizon, adding to the storm over the proposal.