Video: Infiltrator showcases Epic's Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 3 still powers a number of popular games in the industry, but that didn't stop Epic from showcasing its Unreal Engine 4 this week at GDC 2013 in San Francisco.

Google Glasses stunt video released

Google's Glasses augmented reality technology could be hitting the shelves in less than two years' time, with the company today releasing a video of a drmatic set of stunts as viewed by the people taking part.

Going FTW at Demo 2012

I’m at Demo 2012 this week and just came across four very different applications that knocked my socks off.

Bethesda: No demo for Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Bethesda says it won’t be offering a public demo for the long-awaited Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - as the game is simply too big to present in microcosm format.

Our pad's better than iPad, boasts HP

HP is fighting back against the Apple iPad with more information about its Slate device, and it doesn't agree with the old adage that if you can't say somtihng nice, you shouldn't say anything at all.