Nvidia preps Tegra 2 for massive tablet deployment

Nvidia has reportedly clinched a number of lucrative orders for its powerful Tegra 2 processor.

Dell Brings Back XPS: Those three magic letters of lust

The original XPS desktop and notebook computers were products I lusted after but never actually owned. They are on a list of products that included the original Voodoo Envy, the HP Blackbird, and HP Firebird (had one of these HP made me give it back).   

Dell working on a 7-inch Android tablet

After launching the confusing 5-inch Slate last month, which was too big for a phone but too small for a tablet, Dell is now reportedly set to debut an Android tablet that will actually have a screen big enough to give the iPad a run for its money.

Dell vs. HP and 3Par: Did Dell win by losing?

HP certainly paid a huge premium for 3Par to wrest the technology away from Dell, which received $72M in cash for the privilege. 

HP successfully snatches 3Par from Dell's clutch

The bidding war that left data company 3Par feeling pretty good about itself but will forever leave scars between Dell and HP, has ended after HP's offer of $33 per share.

3Par: First pivotal battle between Dell and HP

Both HP and Dell are at a crossroads - from the companies they were to the companies they will inevitably become.

Dell goes Android with Aero

Dell has launched its Android-powered Aero smartphone at a $100 price point  with a new AT&T contract ($300 without).

Dell goes Streak-ing, ends up naked in a room full of iPads

Dell's new hopeful iPad killer, the Streak, goes on sale today and although the entire tech community is keeping eyes on it, it seems to be more like everyone's watching a train wreck than an exciting new product launch.

Dell Streak in AT&T lockdown hell

Is anyone really surprised that the useful idiots at Dell have shackled and locked down their oversized Streak Android phone?

Woman calls Dell tech support to find nude photos, then...

A woman called Dell tech support because she was having trouble locating nude photos of herself on her computer, which is weird to begin with, but that's just the beginning of the most bizarre and unbelievable customer-tech support saga you'll ever find.

Dell Streak dated and priced

Dell has confirmed that its long-awaited Streak tablet will be available for US priority pre-sale on August 12, with general availability following just a day later.

Updated: Final countdown begins for Dell Streak tablet launch

The final countdown for the long-awaited launch of Dell’s Streak tablet has begun. The device - which hits the steamy streets sometime this summer - is expected to carry a $300 price tag contingent upon a 2 year service contract with AT&T.

The humble netbook refuses to die

Remember all those talking heads who predicted that tablets and low-cost laptops would kill off the humble netbook? Well, consumer interest in such entry-level devices has apparently shown little sign of waning.

Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung: Welcome to Windows Phone 7

While there's still shockingly few details about the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft has now at least revealed a list of manufacturers that will be producing the first set of Phone 7 handsets.

Malware embedded on Dell motherboards

A number of Dell motherboards may have been infected with malware code injected into embedded server management firmware.

Dell shipped faulty PCs for years, court documents show

Dell deliberately shipped millions of PCs that it knew to be faulty, according to recently unsealed court papers.

Dell accused of faulty component cover-up

Documents recently unsealed in a three-year-old lawsuit indicate that Dell attempted to cover-up widespread component failures which affected a number of its OptiPlex computers from May 2003 to July 2005.

Dell Streak paired with Bluetooth keyboard

Some pundits have maligned the Dell Streak by dubbing the recently launched device an "oversized" smartphone. But Jenn K. Lee of StreakSmart - who linked a Bluetooth keyboard with the device in just seconds - has proven otherwise.

Dell eyes Chrome OS for laptops

Dell has expressed interest in loading Google’s upcoming Chrome operating system on future laptops.

Who will be the first to run Chrome OS?

A number of PC manufacturers are reportedly prepping Chrome-based devices, including Dell, Acer and Hewlett Packard.