Bill Clinton fights the zero sum game with Open Source

I’m at Dell World 2012, Bill Clinton is speaking and the former president is still amazing. 

Dell's XPS 13 Ubuntu ultrabook priced at $1549

Dell has introduced an Ubuntu-powered Ultrabook at a $1549 price point.

Living with the Dell/Current Motor’s SuperScooter

What would the world be like if PC companies designed and manufactured vehicles?

Dell XPS Duo 12 convertible ultrabook hits pre-order

Slick rotating screen Dell XPS Duo 12 ultrabook convertible is now up for pre-order.

ARM chips may prompt x86 PC exodus

A number of Intel's biggest customers and partners are reportedly "exploring" the use of RISC-based ARM chips that could ultimately find their way into future PCs and servers. 

Dell XPS One 27: Is it finally time to kiss the mini-tower goodbye?

Ever since the advent of the first Mac, Apple has been arguing that the world wants and needs an all-in-one computer.

Dell Windows 8 tablet specs get detailed

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS will be targeted at mobile devices as well as traditional PCs. As such, a number of industry heavyweights are prepping a wide variety of tablets in various form factors, including Dell.

Dell touts Linux laptop for Android, JS devs

Dell is prepping a dev-centric laptop that runs Ubuntu 12.04 on XPS13 Ultrabook hardware.

Living with an Ultrabook - life on the lighter side

The Ultrabook can basically be described as a Mac Book Air for the non-Apple user. However, the form factor does take a bit of getting used to.

Alienware X51 - a PC for the masses

A few years ago, a number of PC vendors were insisting they would never sell a system for under $1,000. Today, the average price point for desktop and laptop PCs is below $700.  

Dell kills the Streak

For Dell, the fun of Streaking is over. It looks like the company was just not able to sell consumers on the "Streak" tablet brand.

Dell's Streak 5 approved for Pentagon use

Android devices could start appearing throughout the military, after a decision by the Department of Defense to allow Dell's Android-based mobile OS to be used on its networks.

Did PC innovation die in 1984?

Prominent Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie believes PC innovation likely died in 1984, although the industry has yet to take any real notice.

Dell gets serious about China with Baidu deal

Dell is signaling that it is serious about tapping the lucrative Chinese market by clinching a deal with Baidu to jointly develop tablet computers and mobile phones.

Dell buys Force10, Intel snags Fulcrum and Cisco gets heartburn

The computer industry started out with one massive generalist: IBM. However, after facing anti-trust pressures, Big Blue was forced to open up the market.

Dell’s XPS Z series heralds a return to elegance

It is somewhat funny thinking back over a decade when I worked for Forrester Research and remembering how they tried to get me to carry a Dell Latitude.

Happy birthday Dell: The beginning of an evolution/revolution

This week is Dell’s analyst event and today is Michael Dell’s time on stage.

Dell says Android will triumph over Apple's iPad

Industry veteran Michael Dell says he believes that sales of Android-powered tablets will eventually outpace Apple's iOS iPad.

Oh snap! HP & Dell bash Apple's iPad

What do you do to take down a bully? You join forces with your friends, of course! And that’s exactly what the HP-Dell tag team did they bashed Apple's popular iPad.

Dell scraps 25,000 corporate Blackberries

In another blow to the future of RIM's Blackberry brand, Dell has announced it will terminate its corporate Blackberry contract and will give all of its employees brand new Dell mobile phones as a replacement.