Why 3D-printed gun maker thinks 3D printing might not take off

Cody Wilson made headlines last year when he launched a bid to manufacture a 3D-printed pistol, the Liberator. His project was called Defense Distributed, and it soon attracted the attention of government officials. They regarded Wilson’s project as a violation of international arms trade regulations because Wilson had ...

The First Commercial 3D Printed Metal Gun Part

In the last year, 3D printed guns have, unsurprisingly, rather polarized the 3D printing community. While Defense Distributed’s Liberator gun project has been shut down, reverberations from the project continue across the internet, and others are still developing 3D-printed firearm components.Neal Brace, founder of Sintercore and a former ...

Firearm license granted to 3D gun maker

Defense Distributed, the world's first maker of 3D-printed guns, has managed to obtain a federal license to manufacture and market firearms in the US.

Legal setback to 3D printed gun project

A bizarre project to create a 3D-printable handgun has hit the buffers after the manufacturer of the rented printer concerned seized it back.